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Moonshine liquor, jazz-fuelled dancing, and the risk of a police raid—these are all in a night's work for cabaret singer Ruby Black. But when a rugby star mistakes her for a dead girl, Ruby's life threatens to become briefer and more exciting than she bargained for.Two years ago, schoolgirl Wu Xue Bai was brutally murdered. Now, Ruby herself is in danger. Who killed Xue BaMoonshine liquor, jazz-fuelled dancing, and the risk of a police raid—these are all in a night's work for cabaret singer Ruby Black. But when a rugby star mistakes her for a dead girl, Ruby's life threatens to become briefer and more exciting than she bargained for.Two years ago, schoolgirl Wu Xue Bai was brutally murdered. Now, Ruby herself is in danger. Who killed Xue Bai? What lies behind Max Moran's obsession with the dead girl? And will Ruby learn the truth before secrets from her own past catch up with her?A fairytale retelling set in Jazz Age New Zealand, inspired by the thrillers of Mary Stewart and Alfred Hitchcock. Novella, approximately 23,000 words....

Title : Death Be Not Proud
Author :
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ISBN : 9780994233943
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 134 Pages
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Death Be Not Proud Reviews

  • Suzannah
    2019-01-11 19:06

    Coming soon in Kindle ebook and SUPER cute illustrated paperback! ;)

  • Breezy
    2018-12-19 21:54

    This may have been the first mystery/thriller that I've actually read, and it was LOVELY. It kept me up late into the night and was well worth it. Suzannah's way of weaving together fairy tales, poetry, history is absolutely delightful.

  • Schuyler
    2019-01-12 22:22

    This little beauty came in the mail last week, and after a happy Easter Sunday of worshipping and eating a tasty lunch with family, I cracked it open and polished it off. This is the third time I've polished off the story itself (the first couple of times by beta reading), and it's like a really good chocolate cake--better each successive time you eat it.In fact, this is my favorite Rowntree fairy tale retelling thus far.This is the kind of story that I most love. It's suspenseful and dramatic--the tension leading up to the climax makes you shiver, and the climax itself is a swooning, to-die-for masterpiece. From beginning to end, the pages just crackle with wit and suspense. Max and Ruby have the kind of couple chemistry that jumps off the page as you read it, and I adored them from the get-go. (Rugby player mourning dead girlfriend who keeps adorably rescuing a mysterious jazz singer? Yes, please.) With side supporting characters Kat and Bunny (aren't those fun names?) and the swell boss Bill Fisher, Ruby has everything she needs to help her figure out who murdered the mysterious dead girl and why it has to matter to her.More things I liked? Stunning New Zealand scenery and vivid Jazz Age setting. This book does have alcohol and cigarettes in it to carry on the time period. While the story does not have an explicit Christian thread that's easy to find, its interplay of love and justice, accepting or abdicating responsibility, and hinted character arcs of maturity, offer plenty of food for thought.But the best effect of this book is simply the sheer joy of it. It's a book that invites you to laugh, to hold your breath, to fear, to imagine, to strive for the solution. In short, it invites you into a myriad of intense emotions that any reader--every reader--wants to experience. It's a living jewel of a story, and perhaps the sheer aliveness of its characters is what I love about it so much.

  • Christina
    2019-01-14 20:20

    Death be not Proud is a short novella set in 1920's New Zealand. Part murder mystery and part fairy tale, this fast paced story had me glued to the pages--I finished it in one afternoon. I loved the references to poets and other novelists, loved how Rowntree kept me guessing until the very end. First person narration is often used to lull the reader into a sense of security, but I found myself wondering what Ruby Black wasn’t telling me. And, despite having a large cast of characters for such a short story, each one was distinct, easy to remember, and necessary. My one and only complaint (because one must always find *something* to complain about) is Max’s Irish accent. I completely forgot he was supposed to have one until the very end, when he finishes a sentence with “aye”. This jolted me out of the story for a moment, and I wish he’d maintained a more consistent speech pattern. But, the novella (which had lovely chapter illustrations by Rowntree’s sister), was such a thrill to read, and has left me with a lingering smile on my face. This, in the end, is all one really wants of a story.

  • Kara
    2019-01-05 19:56

    A fast-paced, clever retelling of a familiar fairy tale. I had fun guessing which one.

  • Sarah
    2019-01-06 17:58

    I sighed when I closed it... that's always a good sign : D

  • Jazzy
    2018-12-24 20:07

    Since it was based on a true story, it was pretty cool. However, it was still hard to follow along and I felt like a lot of stuff was either irrelevant in the plot or just vague. Nothing special!

  • Follis Wood
    2019-01-04 20:11

    This book came highly recommended by my daughter, so I picked it up with some enthusiasm. Rowntree has an eye for detail, and her setting is finely detailed with the kind of writing I sometimes do, but usually forget to do.This is part of her rebooted fairy story series, and it wasn't entirely clear to me which fairy tale was being covered. It might be sleeping beauty, but it has elements of the wizard's heart — or, at least, it leads one to believe that it has.I enjoyed the book, but not as much as my daughter's recommendation led me to believe I would. Particularly, I was somewhat disappointed in the ending. The book is written in first-person perspective, and yet the narrator essentially lies to the reader during part of the book. Also, a fairly important scene is pulled out of sequence to heighten suspense, but for me it felt like the author wasn't being fair to the reader.Ms. Rowntree is a talented writer, and I am very willing to try more of her work.

  • Hayden
    2019-01-15 19:18

    A fast-paced, mind-bending read. I love Suzannah's writing, and this book is a throwback to the vintage thrillers and mysteries that have made such excellent classic films. I was literally on the edge of my seat at one point, which is a rarity for me!

  • Sophia Field
    2018-12-20 16:07

    Absolutely LOVED Death Be Not Proud. Rowntree won me to fairy tale retellings with Rakshasa's Bride. But I think she has written a new competitor for my outright favourite.Like the best of Rowntree's work, Death Be Not Proud was extremely hard to put down. The first-person storytelling brilliantly trapped me in a world of just-enough-information, keeping me guessing right up to the breathtaking finish. And then, at last, the 'aha' moment came, and I could only laugh and wonder at the fairy tale that had been hiding in plain sight all along.Death Be Not Proud was a delightful, fact-paced, and satisfying read.

  • Cela Day
    2018-12-16 14:20

    This story was fun in two ways: as a tale of suspense, and also as a treasure hunt - the treasures being subtle allusions to the original Snow White, which are cleverly worked into the plot and characterizations. As I read I kept thinking I'd love to see this made into a movie; I could imagine watching it on Masterpiece Theatre. The setting is spectacularly beautiful, and it would be so interesting to see what a good director would do with many of the scenes, especially those involving the lake. In fact, I found the setting affected me more powerfully than the time period, for despite the twenties references the story felt timeless, which worked for me given that it's also a retold fairy tale. And of course one of the most important themes - what is justice, and what price should any person be willing to pay to see justice done - are timeless questions.

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