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Life was better in the old days. Or was it? That’s the question Greg Heffley is asking as his town voluntarily unplugs and goes electronics-free. But modern life has its conveniences, and Greg isn’t cut out for an old-fashioned world. With tension building inside and outside the Heffley home, will Greg find a way to survive? Or is going “old school” just too hard for a kidLife was better in the old days. Or was it? That’s the question Greg Heffley is asking as his town voluntarily unplugs and goes electronics-free. But modern life has its conveniences, and Greg isn’t cut out for an old-fashioned world. With tension building inside and outside the Heffley home, will Greg find a way to survive? Or is going “old school” just too hard for a kid like Greg?...

Title : Old School
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ISBN : 9781419717017
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 224 Pages
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Old School Reviews

  • Felicia
    2018-12-30 19:33

    3.5-4This is my favorite cover of the series. I love the black and white.I liked this one, just not as much as the others. I felt this could have went in a totally different direction and had way more laughs. I expected to see how Greg would react to 'old school' devices and way of life. We instead got Greg having to go without technology completely and off to camp for a week. I feel the title was a bit misleading. It wasn't quite what I had expected, but still a fun read.Before readingIt may be a little sad how excited I am about this book...

  • Wilma
    2019-01-11 18:56

    Dit boek gelezen van mijn zoon...herkenbare, hilarische situaties...regelmatig hardop gelachen...voor jong en oud een aanrader!!

  • সালমান হক
    2019-01-07 13:52

    3.5 stars actually!! It Was fun!! Of course it was fun. But it was not just laugh out loud fun like the previous ones!!Here Jeff tried to show how much obsessed has greg's generation(!) become with technologies :p so he put our poor greg into some less modern situations and lead him to do some camping. And what happened afterwards it, was not greg's fault believe me ! He was just being himself :)Expected a bit more fun and a tiny bit more maturity from Greg. :) I think its finally time to say goodbye to Greg, think about it Mr. Kinney..

  • Ahmad Sharabiani
    2019-01-04 21:53

    Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Old School (Diary of a Wimpy Kid, #10), Jeff KinneyDiary of a Wimpy Kid: Old School is a children's novel written by American author Jeff Kinney first published in 2015. It is the tenth book of Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, preceded by Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul and followed by Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Double Down. The book was released on November 3, 2015 worldwide, though an extract from the book was released online on October 28, 2015. This book debuted at No.1 on bestseller charts in India.Greg Heffley's grandfather has been living with his family (due to being unable to pay for the rent at the retirement home). Greg is irritated because Grandpa decides to stay in his room, forcing Greg to sleep on an air bed in younger brother Manny's room. Greg soon learns of a school trip to Hardscrabble Farms, which is located miles away in the woods. However, he decides not to attend. ...تاریخ نخستین خوانش: سیزدهم ماه مارس سال 2016 میلادیعنوان: خاطرات یک بیعرضه دفترچه ی سیاه؛ خاطرات گرگ (گریگ) هفلی جلد 10؛ نویسنده: جف کینی؛ مترجم: ندا شادنظر؛ تهران، ایرانبان، 1394؛ در224 ص؛ شابک: 9786001882104؛ موضوع: داستانهای فکاهی مصور، خاطرات - قرن 21 ما. شربیانی

  • Muse-ic ♬
    2018-12-18 14:38

    Ah the humor :) Jeff Kinney has a knack for making readers sympathize with and scorn Greg at the same time ^^Sometimes Greg's whiny-ness is entirely justified, and other times you just want to slap him and that family of his! Don't even get me started in his brothers! And their pet pig....oh then there's that strange excuse for a mother and father.And the whole stinky cabin situation? Reading it was like living it, and I am kind of a clean freak so ew! Silas Scratch the Undead Farmer will probably haunt me next time I go camping........Seriously though, it was such a fun light read :D It made me smile and laugh when I felt miserable from my sore throat! Love it! And I'm sure you all will too!!And no, I'm not too old for these books! No one is too old to get a good laugh :D

  • Archit Ojha
    2018-12-26 16:57

    Things are not getting better for Greg with time. Or for Rowley. Getting sent back from the camp twice for health issues is an augury for times to come.Greg is always a stay-at-home person. Yes, the video games are his true bliss. But messing things up with Dad's car and almost inundating the house down thinking he might be Noah - he has to leave town.Well, well, well. That is not the only object of irritation. No electronics means no life.The pink wasn't helping the cause with getting all the familiar. Perhaps, the book might be about the old times, but I have to strain really hard to get to the era when pigs walked on two legs and watched TV or wrote ciphered letters.Jeff Kinney points out glaringly obvious fact - going back in the old era makes you learn next to nothing. You just might loose a teeth or two! Grandpa's book might have saved the day but the nights were a total ruckus. It was great to see Dad and Greg getting along well towards the end.This is more than a children's series! Best one since Enid Blyton.If When pigs start ruling the planet, my family would be responsible for it.Verdict : 10th book and still going strong with 4 stars!

  • Chris Perry
    2019-01-10 15:48


  • Nusrat Mahmood
    2019-01-06 14:36

    the worst in the whole series. I hardly find humor in this one. I haven't understand why Jeff didn't use Manny properly . he is one of the main source of laughter. it's a disappointment for me.

  • Vani
    2018-12-19 16:51

    This is one AMAZING series. Kudos to the author for creating these fun books. I could be tense or upset or tired and all I have to do is just read a page or two of The Wimpy Kid and it totally cracks me up. As long as Jeff Kinney is writing these books, I promise to read each one of them. So, this book is about how life used to be in old times when 'three generations lived under the same roof', when people lived 'without electronics', and free of other modern amenities we take so much for granted. Quite as a shock to Greg Heffley, a middle schooler, his Mom has decided to bring his Grandpa home to stay with them, which means Greg would now have to sleep in a different room. His brother Rodrick was never his favourite and younger brother Manny is getting potty trained, too, which means the latter must roam around the house without pants every night-- not a very savoury situation for poor Greg as you can see.His school has always been a struggle, and now his home, too. Amidst all this chaos, a few days away to Hardscrabble Farms with his classmates seems like a pleasant idea. However, unbeknown to him, there is a lot that's just waiting to ruin his trip-- the food, the toilet and their chaperon Mr Jefferson. How will he survive the ordeal? Deal with Silas Scratch? I gave this book as a birthday present to someone very special and it was totally worth it. Strongly recommended to all my friends. Some of those lines that really had me in splits:*But Mr Jefferson's got a lot of hair, and I wasn't gonna go poking through it (for ticks). For all I knew, there could be a whole colony of ticks living in there.*Don't ask me why people brought their little kids to the park clean-up, because they were no help at all. In fact, they were constantly getting into trouble. At one point a bunch of them were playing in a pile of fertiliser, and someone had to chase them out of there.

  • Pooja
    2018-12-31 20:44

    'Rowley said that he doesn't want to cut the lemons because he said they cause tears. I told him he was mistaking it for ONION!'Old School is so awesome to put in words. I'm laughing so hard that I need to put efforts typing this review.Gregory is fed up about grown-ups always talking that it was better in their days and all the drama. He thinks it's not true. And he'll prove it to us. But will it be easy for a wimpy kid who has now a pig in his home as a pet, a pig who's manny's favorite, walks in two legs and such a mastermind who knows how to remove a GPS collar from its neck, that too wearing Manny's pants!!Will it be possible with Gregory having his Grandpa in his house for the summer who is as crazy as anyone in the series, having party over the house when nobody's home, sending invites to all other adults, messing up with the house rules and getting a time-out for it!!!Will it be possible for Gregory to have a normal life with everyone around him getting on his nerves and making things a way too weird for him!!Will his summers ever go as he planned or like always he'll get to say 'Summer didn't go as I planned!'.To have a good time, read this one!

  • Jeff Raymond
    2018-12-31 13:45

    I've been continually impressed by how high the quality of the Wimpy Kid books have been as the series has progressed. We're close to 10 years worth of the books now and, while at one time this was rumored to be the final book, that might not be so anymore. I wonder if that's part of the reason why this one was just okay.The charm of the books comes from the seemingly tied together stories to go along with the broader arc. I'd say the issue with this one was that the story with Greg's grandfather wasn't terribly engaging, and the rest was ultimately forgettable almost as soon as I read it. Not a great combination for a book that sort of requires a little more to keep it going.Kids will keep loving this in any regard. If you've read the first nine and you're a kid obsessed with this series, this won't be the thing to change your mind. For this adult reader, though, it really felt like a rather broad misstep of stories maybe better relegated as subplots for a better tale.

  • Philip
    2018-12-31 14:39

    I imagine I'll keep reading these as long as Kinney continues putting them out.I wish I knew when they'd be over though. I don't like the thought of it just ending. ...Although, if I'm honest with myself, that's how my diary journal ended as a kid. One day: BAM! That was it. I just stopped writing in it, and couldn't get back into it. And I kept the thing for years.I thought it was funny when Heffley said early on (page 15), "And to be honest with you, I feel like I've been in middle school FOREVER." As a 7th grade teacher, I often feel the same way. Which side of the mirror am I on?Don't let my 3 stars fool you, the jokes are all still there. I just started to feel like I've been rating too high for too long. I may go back and re-evaluate my entire goodreads collection.My favorite joke from this book? I'm not sure. Maybe when the town had given up their electronics for the weekend, and everybody went to Frew for stuff they'd usually get from their phones: how the stock market was doing, the weather, "...Frew! have any cats done anything amusing today?"As always, it's good stuff. It's a quick, worthwhile read.

  • Anna the Annonymous Android
    2019-01-01 14:36

    I think I'm hyperventilating[image error]

  • molly 🌪
    2019-01-01 15:36

    my brother let me borrow his books, and said for me to read his favourite series, Diary of A Wimpy Kid. And I thought that was adorable so I read the whole thing in an hour. Such a easy read to get through and can be enjoyed at any age. Awesome book!

  • Anna
    2018-12-31 13:46

    Διασκεδαστικό βιβλίο, για μικρούς - και όχι μόνο - αναγνώστες, αλλά νομίζω ότι η ποιότητα έχει πέσει λίγο σε σχέση με τα προηγούμενα! Εννοείται ότι η οικογένεια του Γκρεγκ είναι.. κάπως ιδιαίτερη... αλλά όχι και τόσο... Μου άρεσε πολύ πάντως η περιπέτεια στην ερημιά κατασκήνωση, σίγουρα όμως δεν θα ήθελα να συμμετέχω (Τζίσους που θα έλεγε και η ξενέρωτη!!!)

  • Nashali
    2018-12-17 18:48

    Jeff never gets old. I really liked this book, I'm a huge fan of Greg. I loved the characters in this one but I kind of missed Rowley and Manny. But it was great and funny. This is my favorite cover of all.I can't wait to read the next one!

  • Müni (MuenisBookWorld)
    2019-01-07 18:37

    Now I understand why my little sister loves these books.They are hilarious!!! hhaahaha

  • Drew
    2019-01-06 13:56

    Series done!(:

  • michelle
    2018-12-19 14:36


  • میعاد
    2018-12-18 15:49

    دوست داشتنى مثل ٩ تاى قبلى..خيلى باهاش حال كردم مخصوصن كه زبان اصلى خوندم

  • Sam Stefani
    2018-12-17 14:49

    It is good

  • Mary ♥
    2019-01-15 20:00

    3.9 / 5 starsAt first, I was really annoyed with some things. The Diary of a Wimpy Kid books are known for making things look EXTREME with Greg's family but this time, it went a bit off the limit. I mean...the pig that Greg and his family found in book nine learned how to walk in two legs like a human and NOT ONLY THAT, it is implied that it learned how to write as well. How is that even possible?Plus, how is it possible for Greg to wear first his shoes and then his socks? Even without his mother's 'timetable' he old, sixteen? I find this to be really unrealistic to be honest and it kinda ruined the whole book for me. There were some things, though that I liked and these ones made me vote this book with 4 stars.The camp story. It proved that Greg's father is EXACTLY like him and in my opinion, this means a lot. Plus, the whole thing that happened in the camp, Silas Scratch and everything made me roll on my bed from too much laughing.Overall, it was a good book. My favorite in the series was the ninth one. I told my brother about my problems with this book but he just laughed. Maybe it's because he is obsessed with this series xDAnyways, well, if you already like this series, read it~Mary

  • Ms. B
    2019-01-09 15:52

    The pet pig from the last book, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul is back. Roderick gets a job and Grandpa (Dad's dad) moves in. But some things never change, Greg is still in middle school. As he says on page 15, I feel like I've been in middle school FOREVER. Plus Manny still is not potty trained. This school year, Greg's grade gets to go on a class trip to Hardscrabble Farms for a few days. Greg has no interest in attending a back to nature field trip, but after a mishap at home he decides the best thing to do is lay low and go on the class trip. But can he survive roughing it and the legend of Silas Scratch?

  • Jessica
    2018-12-19 21:37

    This books are just a hoot. I agree with my Boy (age 11) that the previous one, about the road trip, was funnier, but this was still awesome. I love the grandpa's online dating, and really felt for him, being shipped off to an old timey farm with insufficient supplies . . . it reminded me of girls' camp with my church youth group as a teen. (I am not a willing camper.)

  • Suraia Munia
    2019-01-10 17:41

    one acronym is enough to describe the whole book, "lol."

  • Wasee
    2019-01-13 17:50

    Well, I Have always been a real big fan of the wimpy kid book series.From the very beginning it has been a unique series because of the extra ordinary fun elements. The simple yet funny sketches, real life jokes, chitchats of Greg's regular life - these simple things are bound to make you laugh out loud. While going through every single book, It has been a joyride being a complete mood lifter. But, good days are over I guess! Trust me, I could never imagine myself giving 3 stars on a wimpy kid book. When I got to know about this new book of the series, I was way too excited & had so much higher expectations. But to be very honest, it came as a disappointment! "Old school" didn't seem cool enough like the previous ones.At first,the plot seemed interesting as it focused on some funny negative sides of the new generation- Social networking, spending dollars on video game gems & bla bla.. But within a few pages,it started to get BOOORRRINGGG ! If you ask me, what was missing? okay, there was "very much lack of humor" (comparing with the previous ones) & it got knoggy with all those tiring details & stuffs.I didn't really liked the idea of sending Greg into the camping thing & continuing the rest of the story with that. one of the most funny element "Manny" appeared for 2/3 times hardly.Rodrick was missing too. Before reaching to 100 pages, I completely lost all interest & had to put it down :/The series should not be continued anymore if it goes like this.

  • Praxedes
    2019-01-06 20:37

    Gosh, I never tire of this series. This installment was not as 'tight' as some of its predecessors, but it still managed to make me laugh out loud a couple of times.I was glad to see Greg's father having a more meaningful role in this volume, although introducing grandpa into the mix felt a little forced. The best part was the week-long camp section, where all of Heffley's dubious qualities came to the fore. It's interesting how Kinney is able to make us feel both affection and disdain for the same character!

  • Leila Tarek
    2018-12-29 16:40

    *3.5* I can never let go of my love to this series, even though this book was slightly disappointing.

  • Juan Mejia
    2019-01-09 17:40

    It was a good book. It got me into the reading zone

  • Yareli Becerril
    2018-12-20 16:53

    This book was very funny, but it wasn't my favorite.

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